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Trade a plane piper colt

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Turbo charged. TKS de-ice. This Saratoga is a serious cross-country machine. ID USA. Air, TKS, etc. Hogan Aviation. Airmart - Robert Sutherlin. NDH, no hail, no corrosion.

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Nice little airplane. LDJonesSep 28, Any serious offer will be considered. RyanShort1Sep 29, SkyHogSep 29, Tom-DSep 29, Hey, DavidWhite LDJonesSep 29, Some colt specs say lb empty, gross.

If that is right, pounds of useful load and 18 gallons could allow for a lb pilot and more than that much for a passenger. Even if the plane has the 36 gallon fuel, the full fuel payload would be pounds. Even if the plane has put on 50 pounds of ugly dangerous fat during its life, the full fuel payload would be pounds. FrankSep 29, And yes, the Colt has a much better useful load than the !

Saddling Up A Colt

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Forum What's New? Results 1 to 3 of 3. Thread: Super Colt Performance. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Super Colt Performance I have a friend that is looking at H. Cessn 's to fly off a ft. I told him to look into a Colt with H. He has owned two Tri-Pacers in the past and even thought that if all else he might look at another tripe.

If a few Super Colt owners could post some figures like approx. Colt Dude Guest. The performance is very good, all things considered.

Vtt scott aspect 650

Cruise is always around mph and fuel burn 6. NZ is normally flown times per week and usually to unimproved fields, it performs very well for only hp.

I had a stock C and it was no comparison. Being addicted to Barnstormers. Hope this helps somewhat. Feel free to email me with any questions. Mickey Duyck. Thanks, Mickey this will help alot. Replies: 0 Last Post:AM. Replies: 1 Last Post:AM. Replies: 8 Last Post:PM. Replies: 12 Last Post:PM. Colt By Tom T. Replies: 6 Last Post:PM. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. All times are GMT The time now is AM.View Full Version : Tri-pacer wing on Colt.

Could a Pacer wing conversion be done? It would require some welding for pulley brackets and fair lead mounts in the fuselage and then there is the FAA. I would think it could be done but you might be money and time ahead to sell the Colt and buy a Pacer. Learn how to slip, make your approaches steep and slow with the throttle pulled off right from the top, and you can scare even yourself with how short it can land! I have flown Vagabonds, Colts, Clippers and any number of TriPacers I prefer them with the tailwheel returned to the proper end, myself and "real" Pacers for nearly all of my adult life.

Ever heard the phrase "the ShortWing Pipers glide like a fully loaded outhouse"? Yeah, they DO. Flaps "happened" to the ShortWings because the American Flying Public was just beginning to get too lazy for it's own good, and the Cessner tricycle training wheel in the front was "easier" for those seeking self-gratification. Piper's Sales Department felt that "people wanted flaps" whether they needed them or not because they were "modern", and adding them to the Pacer was supposed to "stimulate sales".

This was a simple case of the tail wagging the dog. It didn't sell any more taildraggers because people didn't want to "learn to be a pilot" This would be a definite waste of your time and energy, as you would be disappointed in the non-existant "improvement". Ask yourself, if you would, please The true benefit to the four-seater having flaps was in changing the deck angle on final by moving the center of pressure BACK on the airfoil You don't need "more drag" even if you are looking for "more lift".

Then, too as long as I'm on a roll! Your arms appreciate resting them on your legs, anyway. No disrespect whatsoever intended! I'm with John. I have both, a Pacer and a tailwheel Colt, and the flaps are little more than speed brakes for people who don't care to "lean over" once in a while.

I'll be happy to trade you the wings off the Pacer for another set of Colt wings! Very interesting John, I did not know this about "flap development" at Piper, and I did suspect it for the "yoke" control wheel rather than stick.

trade a plane piper colt

No experience here, but I suspect the yoke makes it easier to work under the panel. There is room for a human on the floor. I have NEVER felt like I was in "jail" she climbs out quickly, and the short runway used is "eye watering" as you know for friends who hang out at a hangar at the approach end.

I love to full slip WITH flaps from down wind abeam the numbers to just b4 touchdown. I will have to try full slips without flaps now! Adding flaps have the advantage in my plane of causing me to TRIM very little from cruise to landing speed.It's not the biggest, strongest or fastest stallion in the paddock.

But the spirited two-place Piper Colt PA serves as a perfect mount for pilots seeking a trusty, uncomplicated steed over a high-strung, pricey thoroughbred. And you won't find a sweeter Colt than Jim Miller's. With no formal training in aircraft repair or modification, Miller, a retired Navy dentist and part-time pharmacist in Normandy, Tenn. And the makeover incorporates a number of Miller's own modifications—alterations some experts consider solid improvements to the original Colt—from the sight fuel gauges in the wing roots to the sheet-metal fasteners in the Colt's belly.

And with the eye-catching military livery of his airplane, Miller demonstrates a bold aesthetic flair to go with his gumption.

N55664. 1973 Piper Cherokee 235 Aircraft For Sale at

But working with an old airplane—let alone owning one—was something Miller never considered as a youngster, despite his interest in aviation. Flying was just something people there didn't really do, unless they were born into family with ties in general aviation," Miller said.

That was my whole exposure to general aviation. Miller learned to fly in the Air Force as an enlisted man. Stationed at California's Vandenberg Air Force Base, he borrowed money from the credit union for lessons at the base flying club. The instructor was five dollars," he recalled. By the early '90s, Miller was back stateside with the Naval Reserve, living in Normandy and flying an Ercoupe.

His plane shared a hangar with a Piper Colt. But inwhen he decided to trade up from the Ercoupe and learned the Colt was for sale, he started thinking about it quite a bit. I was real glad I got it. Not that the airplane didn't have issues. The fabric was faded and nicked, the interior a little ratty. The fuselage had some corrosion. And the engine was starting to leak oil. That was a far different airplane than the one that stood before us that afternoon.

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trade a plane piper colt

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trade a plane piper colt

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